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About Rebuild NJ

About Rebuild NJ

About Rebuild NJ

Rebuild New Jersey was started in February, 2013 to enable homeowners and business owners in Monmouth and Ocean Counties to research and connect with reliable, local contractors.  There are several websites that list contractor details, but Rebuild New Jersey is the only directory that serves the Jersey Shore exclusively.

In 2014, as a builder or contractor it’s more important than ever to showcase your experience and your credibility.  There is no better way to do that than by having an up-to-date online profile where homeowners and business owners can contact you directly.  With Rebuild New Jersey, you can create and manage your contractor profile simply and freely.

For homeowners and business owners, the site is an information hub of the latest resources, links, and news related to rebuilding Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  There is a lot of information out there, but it is largely fragmented.  We aim to curate the relevant information on our Resources page and on our Blog to assist you in finding answers and efficiently connecting you with the best contractors and resources possible.

Rebuild NJ has established a strong local presence and has become the go-to web resource for information on researching and hiring reliable, local contractors.  In addition to contractor profiles, the site is home to how-to and informational articles aimed at connecting contractors with homeowners and business owners.

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About the Rebuild NJ Founder

joeh3Rebuild New Jersey was founded and is managed by Joseph Hughes.  Joseph spent a decade in the contracting business before starting  a contractor marketing agency in 2012.  He understands that there are hundreds of contractors working in Monmouth and Ocean Counties who are excellent at what they do and thousands of homeowners and business owners in need of contracting services.  So he started Rebuild New Jersey to be a hub for those connections.

Joseph’s experience in the contracting industry coupled with his expertise in marketing gets him excited about growing Rebuild New Jersey to become the Jersey Shore’s #1 resource for contractors, home owners, and business owners.

Joseph was born and raised in Wall Township and currently resides in Brielle.  He holds a BS in Finance and Information Systems from The Carroll School of Management at Boston College.  He owns a consultancy and marketing agency dedicated to helping builders and contractors grow their businesses:  Contractor Dynamics.